Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 Review (2024 Updated)

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Today I’m taking a look at the Vortex Optics AMG UH-1, touted as a state-of-the-art holographic sight engineered for rapid target acquisition, making it an indispensable companion for serious shooters. I love holographic reflex sights, personally, and I’m eager to dig into the optics, usability, and dedicated night vision compatibility. Let’s get to it.

My First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Vortex AMG UH-1, the first thing that caught my eye was the slick black design. The sight feels sturdy and well-built and feels really durable. The black finish gives it a professional aesthetic that fits in easily with any firearm. Weighing just 11 ounces, it’s relatively light, and the integrated quick-release mount means I can look forward to an easy installation process.

Having heard of the AMG UH-1’s lightning-quick EBR-CQB reticle and its 15 illumination settings, my expectations were set high. I was eager to see how the AMG UH-1 would perform in various lighting conditions and how the FHQ technology would stand up to the claim of virtually eliminating stray light emissions. The Vortex Optics brand has a reputation for quality and innovation, and the AMG UH-1 seemed ready to live up to that standard right out of the box.Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

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Real-Life Testing: A Day In The Field

The day dawned bright and clear as I set out to field test the Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen 2. Armed with my trusty AR-15, I headed to a private range nestled amidst dense woodland, providing a mixture of close-quarter and long-distance shooting scenarios. This environment was ideal to put the scope through some drills.

Mounting the AMG UH-1 was a breeze thanks to the integrated quick-release mount. The sight sat securely on the Picatinny rail, and the co-witness height was spot on. The enlarged viewing window was immediately noticeable, providing a generous field of view that would prove to be invaluable later on.

Zeroing the sight was straightforward and it was only a few minutes before I had it zeroed precisely. The real fun began as I started engaging targets at varying distances. The EBR-CQB reticle was crisp, and the 15 illumination settings allowed for perfect reticle brightness adjustment as the changing daylight required.

Throughout the day, the AMG UH-1 Gen 2 was subjected to a fair share of bumps and knocks, whether it was being set down roughly between sessions or brushing against the woodland terrain as I moved between shooting positions. The ArmorTek coating lived up to its promise, protecting the lenses perfectly.

As dusk approached, I tested the night vision compatibility. Switching to night vision mode was straightforward, and the reticle was visible through my night vision device. As the day wound down and I packed up, the AMG’s performance definitely made an impression on me.

Optics Quality

As always, our first concern is going to be the optics and image quality of the Vortex AMG UH-1. The enlarged viewing window is a significant upgrade, providing a spacious sight picture that facilitates rapid target acquisition. This feature proved to be a huge advantage, especially in dynamic shooting scenarios where every millisecond counts. The clarity of the glass is top-notch, with multiple coatings designed to reduce reflection on all glass surfaces exposed to air, enhancing light transmission and ensuring a bright, clear view.

In the daylight, the sight picture is crisp, and the reticle is brilliantly sharp. The colors are true to life, enhancing the overall visual experience and ensuring that you can distinguish your target from the background with ease. The AMG UH-1 also shines in low-light conditions. With four NV-compatible settings and a dedicated NV button, transitioning to night vision mode is a breeze.

The ArmorTek coating is an ultra-hard lens coating that protects the exterior lenses from oil, scratches, and dirt, ensuring that the sight remains unobscured and the quality of the optics undiminished, even in rough field conditions. The 1x magnification gives a beautiful 1:1 sight picture. In a nutshell, the optics quality of the AMG UH-1 looks exceptional, and I can’t wait to try it out.

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Reticle Performance

The EBR-CQB reticle housed in the AMG UH-1 is a blend of speed and precision, and exactly what I look for in a close-quarters reticle. Its design caters to both rapid target acquisition and accurate shot placement, a crucial balance in many tactical and hunting scenarios. The reticle is etched directly onto the prism, ensuring that it remains visible with or without illumination.

The UH-1 also offers red and green illumination with 15 different brightness settings. This means plenty of options and maximum reticle visibility against any backdrop, in any lighting condition. The transitions between brightness levels are smooth, and the controls are intuitive, making on-the-fly adjustments easy and quick.Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

The dedicated night-vision button is a unique feature that stood out during the testing phase. With a simple long press, the sight transitions to night vision mode, and the reticle adapts to work seamlessly with night vision equipment. FHQ technology, which virtually eliminates stray light emissions, proves its worth in covert or low-light operations, where maintaining a low profile is crucial. 

Overall, the reticle performance is nothing short of remarkable. Shooters will see a crisp, clear image and definitive aiming point that easily adapts to a massive range of shooting conditions and situational needs. Whether it’s daylight or night-time, close-quarters or distance shooting, the AMG UH-1’s reticle seems up to the task.

Windage & Elevation Adjustments

The adjustment turrets on the Vortex AMG UH-1 are just what you expect from a leading scope manufacturer. Designed for tool-free adjustments, as well as straightforward and precise click feedback for each half-MOA adjustment increment. This is a reasonable level of precision for any holo sight. In simple terms, this means you get about ½” of point of impact shift at 100 yards, so you can fine-tune your aim. 

Zeroing the AMG UH-1 was a breeze, and once set, the sight held zero impeccably even under the recoil of high-caliber firearms and the bumps and jolts of field use.

One noteworthy feature is the increased resistance encountered towards the end of the adjustment range. This is a thoughtful design aspect that prevents over-adjustment and potential damage to the internal mechanisms. It’s a safeguard that shows the level of thought Vortex has put into ensuring the durability and reliability of this sight.

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Build Quality

When it comes to the build quality of the AMG UH-1 Gen 2 is nothing short of amazing. It’s rugged, and the construction feels like it is designed for longevity. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum and easily stands up to the substantial recoil of high-caliber rifles. The single-piece chassis is O-ring sealed, providing waterproof and fog-proof performance. During the testing phase, the sight was exposed to a variety of environmental conditions including rain and extreme temperature fluctuations, and it came out the other side perfectly.

The exterior lenses are protected by an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant ArmorTek coating which during testing proved its worth by keeping the lenses pristine despite being exposed to rough handling and adverse field conditions. The integration of a dedicated night-vision button, enlarged viewing window, and tool-less battery cover are not just functional upgrades, but also indicators of the attention to detail in design and construction that Vortex has invested into this scope.

In all aspects, the rugged construction, coupled with a host of protective and user-friendly features, make it a durable and reliable choice for serious shooters, be it for hunting, tactical, or sport shooting applications.Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

Pros & Cons


  • Rapid Target Acquisition: The AMG UH-1 Gen 2 offers lightning-quick target acquisition thanks to its holographic display and the EBR-CQB reticle, making it a powerhouse in close to mid-range engagements.
  • Waterproof and Fogproof: The O-ring sealed chassis ensures that the sight remains operational in adverse weather conditions, providing peace of mind when out in the field.
  • Night Vision Compatibility: With a dedicated night vision button and four NV settings, transitioning between daylight and low-light conditions is seamless.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty: The unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty by Vortex Optics is a testament to the quality and reliability of the AMG UH-1.


  • Weight: At 11 ounces, the AMG UH-1 Gen 2 is on the heavier side compared to some other holographic sights in the market, which might be a concern for those looking to minimize the weight of their setup.
  • Price: Priced at a premium, this sight may not suit those on a tighter budget.

Who Should Buy This Scope?

The Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen 2 is most ideally suited for:

  • Serious Recreational Shooters
  • Competitive Shooters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military

Its rapid target acquisition, night vision compatibility, and durable construction make it a valuable asset for those operating in demanding and dynamic environments. While it comes at a premium price, the investment is justified by the performance, build quality, and the unlimited lifetime warranty provided by Vortex Optics.

The Final Word

The Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen 2 impresses with its rugged build, swift target acquisition, and night vision capabilities, living up to the demands of serious shooters. While it’s a premium investment, the array of features it presents justifies the cost, marking it as a high-value asset for both tactical and recreational marksmen.

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