EOTech 512 Review – Is this Holographic Sight for You?

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When it comes to swiftly spotting your game or target, nothing beats the efficiency of a holographic sight. The EOTECH 512 Holo Sight is designed for just that. With its 68 MOA ring and 1 MOA dot reticle, it promises quick target acquisition, making it a trustworthy companion for hunters and tactical shooters alike. Although it lacks night vision compatibility, its performance in daylight and rugged construction easily make up for it. Let’s dive into the specifics and see how the EOTECH 512 holds up in various aspects, and take it out for a spin in the field.

My First Impressions

Unboxing the EOTech 512 felt like Christmas. The first thing I noticed was its robust construction. It felt solid, and the hard coat’s non-reflective black finish gave it a sleek, professional look. Mounting it looked like it was going to be simple since it’s compatible with both Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails. It sat snugly atop my AR-15, ready to be taken out for some fun.

The controls were intuitive, with a straightforward mechanism to adjust the reticle’s brightness. The wide field of view looked like it would make acquisition easy and fast, and I wanted to see it in the field. Overall, the EOTech 512 seems like it’s going to be a great companion in the field.EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

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Real-Life Testing: A Day In The Field

On a crisp, early autumn morning, I headed out to a local range to put the EOTech 512 Holo Sight to the test. The sky was overcast with a mild breeze, and the temperature was hovering around 60°F. I mounted the sight on my trusty AR-15, which has been my go-to for countless optics tests.

The first drill was a rapid target acquisition test, where I set up three targets at varying distances – 50, 100, and 150 yards. The 68 MOA ring with a 1 MOA dot reticle was crisp and clear, making it easy to quickly transition between targets. I fired two rounds at each target before moving to the next. The sight performed flawlessly, with the reticle allowing for quick, precise shots.

Next, I tested the sight under lower light conditions by heading to a shaded part of the range. The adjustable brightness settings were handy here. Even under the canopy of trees, the reticle was bright and clear. I also decided to test the water resistance by submerging the sight in a water bucket for about 10 minutes. True to its claim, the sight remained functional and the reticle was as bright as ever once I fished it out.

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Optics Quality

The optics of the EOTECH 512 are nothing short of spectacular. The holographic technology is a cut above traditional red dot sights. The sight picture is clear, with a crisp reticle that does not pixelate even under rapid movement. The 68 MOA ring with a 1 MOA dot reticle is a perfect blend for both precise aiming and rapid target acquisition. 

The objective lens is coated with an anti-reflective coating to help keep glare from giving away your position, which can be a major factor in high-stakes engagements. The clarity of the glass is amazing, however, and allows for a wide, clear field of view which is critical for situational awareness in hunting or tactical scenarios. Despite its lack of night vision compatibility, the brightness settings are ample for any daylight scenario you find yourself in. The sight picture remains clear and unobstructed even under bright sunlight or in low-light conditions near the beginning or end of the day. 

The EOTECH 512 is parallax-free, which is a massive advantage in high-stress situations or where you are shooting while on the move since it helps you shoot more accurately even when the scope isn’t in the best position. This means greater freedom of movement, which can save your life. Overall, the optical quality of the EOTech 512 Holo Sight seems to be top-notch.

Reticle Performance

The reticle of the EOTech 512 is a hallmark of holographic sight design, featuring a 68 MOA ring with a 1 MOA dot in the center. This design is conducive to fast target acquisition while still providing a precise point for aiming, making it versatile across a range of shooting scenarios. The ring guides your eye towards the center dot quickly, enabling faster reaction times which can be pivotal whether in a hunting or tactical situation.

The brightness of the reticle is adjustable with 20 different settings to match any lighting scenario imaginable. This is helpful when moving from one lighting level to another, where your eyes may need some additional time to adjust while you maintain a clear point of aim. The adjustments are straightforward and quick, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions on the fly. The reticle remains sharp and well-defined across all brightness settings, without any noticeable pixelation or distortion. This crispness ensures that you can take accurate shots regardless of ambient light levels.EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

The holographic nature of the reticle also means that it remains consistent in size regardless of how you move your head or eyes, unlike red dot sights which can exhibit noticeable parallax. This consistency is crucial for maintaining accuracy and ensuring that you can land your shots reliably, especially in high-stress or fast-paced situations.

Windage & Elevation Adjustments

Tweaking the windage and elevation on the EOTech 512 is a straightforward process. The sight has tactile and responsive adjustment dials that provide a clear and definite click with each movement. Each click corresponds to a 0.5 MOA adjustment, letting you get more fine-tuning resolution than on some other sights, and helping you keep your shots on target.

Also, the dials are protected while still being easily accessible, which is a good balance between stopping accidental adjustments and keeping it easy to use when needed. Resetting to zero after detaching and reattaching the sight is advertised as repeatable to 1 MOA. This feature was tested and proved to be quite accurate. The sight returned to its original zero without any noticeable deviation.

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EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

Build Quality

The EOTECH 512 Holo Sight is built to last. The housing is a hard-anodized aluminum casing designed to stand up to the harsh conditions that shooters are undoubtedly going to put it through. The aircraft aluminum ensures the sight is lightweight while also being able to protect the internals from impacts and strikes. The non-reflective black finish adds a stealthy aspect to it, ensuring there are no glares that could give away your position or impair your vision.

The mounting system is sturdy and attaches securely to both 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails. The fit is firm and tight, with no wiggling or shifting under recoil. The repeatability of the zero, even after detaching and reattaching the sight, is a solid feature. 

Pros & Cons


  • Rapid Target Acquisition: The 68 MOA ring with a 1 MOA dot reticle significantly aids in swift target acquisition, making it ideal for both hunting and tactical situations.
  • Adjustable Brightness: With 20 brightness settings, this sight is adaptable to any lighting condition, ensuring a clear view of the reticle at all times.
  • Water Resistant: The EOTech 512 is water-resistant up to 10 feet, making it a reliable choice for all-weather operations.
  • Long Battery Life: With up to 2500 continuous hours on lithium batteries or 2200 continuous hours on alkaline batteries at nominal setting 12, the worry of running out of battery power in the field is minimal.


  • No Night Vision Compatibility: This model lacks night vision compatibility, which could be a drawback for those operating in low-light conditions or at night.
  • Battery Compartment Design: The design of the battery compartment could be improved for easier access, especially in high-stress situations or inclement weather.
  • Price: The EOTech 512 is a premium sight, and the price may be a barrier for some interested buyers, especially those on a budget or new to holographic sights in general.

Who Should Buy This Scope?

The EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight is a top-tier choice for hunters, sports shooters, and tactical operators who prioritize rapid target acquisition and a wide field of view, which are the hallmarks of this sight. With adjustable reticle intensity and a long battery life, it’s designed for extended use in the field. 

The easy mounting system is a plus for individuals with multiple firearms, allowing for a straightforward swap between weaver and mil-spec rails. Its durability and water resistance make it a reliable companion in harsh outdoor conditions, be it rain or mud. The sight is particularly beneficial for those who engage primarily in daylight operations.

The Final Word

The EOTECH 512 embodies a blend of speed, reliability, and ruggedness. Its ability to deliver fast target acquisition without compromising on optical clarity is a significant advantage for any user. While the lack of night vision compatibility might be a shortfall for some shooters, its diurnal performance is incredible. Its durability ensures it can stand up to use and ultimately leads to longevity, making it a great long-term investment for serious hunters or tactical operators. The 512 stands as a testament to EOTECH’s commitment to quality, making it a noteworthy consideration for anyone in the market for a dependable holo sight.

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