Best Scope for Savage 220 – The Top 4 Choices in 2023

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If you are looking for a scope for your Savage 220 rifle, you are at the right place.

Choosing the best scope for the Savage 220 can be challenging. This is because the market is flooded with a lot of scopes from different manufacturers.

For that, we at have done extensive research in order to be able to recommend the most suitable scopes for your Savage 220.

Top Four Scopes for Savage 220

We asked Savage 220 owners across the internet and based on their recommendations below are presented 4 of the best scopes for Savage 220 that you’ll find in the market. Our list has different prices, magnifications and features so we are sure you will find the most suitable scope for you.

1. Bushnell Banner Dusk 3-9x40mm

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle Riflescope, 3-9 X 40mm, Matte Black

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For those of you who take hunting seriously, you would know that you are more likely to catch a prey when there isn’t too much light. However, the lack of proper lighting can be an obstacle. Well, Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Riflescope might be the ideal solution to this problem.

Dawn and Dusk Brightness

One of the most distinguishing features of this scope is its DDB lenses. Since hunters are normally plagued with visibility problems whenever the sun is down, Bushnell has guaranteed that lighting would be the least of your worries. This is achieved through the lenses which feature multiple coatings that render them capable of functioning perfectly even in low light.

Stylish Design

Some of you might wish for a scope that is aesthetically pleasing to look at. After all, what fun is hunting if you don’t look good while doing it? At the end of the day, you need memorable pictures of the event too, right? A poorly designed scope will always be a cringe-worthy element in such a case. For those who do it for creating memories, the stylish design of this scope is bound to look great with your weapon.

Durable Construction

The one-piece tube of the scope is made of a material that is built to last. Hence, this Bushnell scope will be your companion, regardless of how many adversities it goes through whether it is direct impact on the ground or wear and tear of the outdoor world.


  • The scope delivers an HD clarity.
  • The magnification offered is 3-9x.
  • The objective lens is 40 mm.
  • Elevation adjustments and a 1/4 MOA windage system are embedded in the scope.
  • The scope is 11.5 inches long and is known to focus quickly.
  • It weighs 12.5 ounces.

2. Nikon Prostaff P3 Predator Hunter BDC Predator RiflescopeNikon Prostaff P3 Predator Hunter 3-9X40 Bdc Predator Riflescope

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Some scopes are specialized, while others are much more versatile. This model is the latter, and without versatility comes a lot of consistent benefits you’ll benefit from regardless of which of the two magnification power ranges available you choose. It is also one of the best shotgun scopes

Variable Magnification Choices

You’ll be able to choose this riflescope in two ranges: 3-9x or 4-12x. The latter is obviously better if you want to push out your effective range a little farther while the former is a little better for close quarters or mid-range fighting or hunting.

Regardless, both scopes use the same BDC predator reticle, which helps you to track your target quickly and consistently and lets you compensate for bullet drop at a distance. Either way, the reticles are well-made and benefit from multicoated optics/lenses that can resist dirt or water damage over time.

Great Turrets

Then there are the spring-loaded, instant zero-reset turrets that come with your purchase. These click audibly with every adjustment so you can precisely compensate for these variables without taking your eye off your target, and both the windage and elevation turrets are just by ¼ MOA increments.

Since you can reset to zero instantly, you’ll be able to adjust for a moving target relatively easily as well. These turrets work well with a BDC predator reticle.

Durable and Built to Last

The rest of the scope is similarly well-designed, featuring a 1-inch main tube made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This means the scope won’t weigh too much overall (indeed, it’s just under 16 ounces in weight). But we also like the quick focus eyepiece and the generous eye relief that comes even at maximum magnification (well over 3 inches).

All in all, it’s a solid rifle scope that both suits Savage 220 rifles and many, many others.


  • 3-9x or 4-12x magnification
  • 40mm objective lens
  • 1-inch main tube
  • weighs 15 ounces
  • ¼ MOA windage and elevation turrets

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3. Monstrum P330-B Marksman 3X Prism Scope

Monstrum P330-B Marksman 3X Prism Scope (Black)

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The Monstrum P330-B scope is an affordable and high-quality piece of equipment. It’s a prism scope set to a fixed magnification level at 3x, using a specialized class optical system instead of a traditional scope’s refracting lens system.

Quality Glass Prism System

This glass prism scope is a benefit rather than a downside. In fact, it provides superior optical quality in a relatively small and lightweight scope package, allowing you to mount it on your Savage 220 or similar firearm with ease.

Furthermore, it’s especially good for helping you acquire your target quickly out to distances as far as 300 yards. Therefore, hunters of small, fast-moving game might find this optic to be especially helpful. All users will benefit from about 3.5 inches of eye relief, which is great for preventing accidental scope injuries.

Machined Aluminum Design

The rest of the optic is made from machined aluminum. A single piece of machined aluminum is used for the primary tube, resulting in a sturdy but overall lightweight optic. The durability shouldn’t be understated, as it should be able to hold a zeroed position even under heavy recoil.

The optic features a hard-anodized finish to resist corrosive damage and to ensure that its surface doesn’t flash when exposed to the sun, which may give away your position. The aluminum build is waterproof and designed to function in any inclement weather.

Illuminated Reticle

Don’t discount the high-quality illuminated reticle as well. It’s an illuminated circle dot variety and is controlled via a dial at the top of the optic. Fortunately, the reticle is visible regardless of whether you use the illumination feature or not, allowing you to benefit from better target acquisition in bright daylight or dark, low light conditions.


  • 3.5” eye relief
  • 3x magnification
  • 30mm objective lens
  • Weighs 17 ounces
  • 5” long
  • ¼ MOA click for adjustment dials

This scope would be an excellent choice for a Marlin 336.

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback 1.75-5x32 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA) Check Price on Amazon
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How about a top-tier rifle scope made by one of the best manufacturers in the business? If that sounds good, check out this Diamondback scope from Vortex.

Different Magnification Choices

This scope comes in a few different sizes depending on your magnification needs, and the size of the objective lens will also shift necessarily. You can get the scope with ranges and lens sizes including:

  • 1.75-5×32
  • 3-9×40
  • 3.5-10×50
  • 4-12×40

As you can see, there’s a lot of flexibility here, making this a great pick for folks looking for a special optic perfect for their unique Savage 220 build.

The nice thing is that, regardless of the magnification settings you choose or the size of your objective lens, you’ll benefit from a BDC debt hold reticle that can help you estimate bullet drop at a distance and reliably hit farther targets even when accounting for that variable.

Multicoated Lenses

The scope is still a good pick for other reasons, of course. For instance, it offers fully multicoated lenses that can provide fantastic and bright sight pictures from dusk until dawn. Add to that a fast-focus eyepiece and you have an optic that’s ideal for tracking fast-moving targets even in low light environments – this is a scenario that a lot of experienced hunters probably encounter all the time.

Plus, you’ll be able to rely on the optic for a long time to come. It’s made from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum that keeps the weight low and the durability high. An anodized finish on the top will help to ensure the corrosive damage is never a concern, and you’ll benefit from extensive water and fog-proofing.

Terrific Turrets

We’d be remiss not to point out the metal on metal precision windage and elevation adjustment turrets. These are clearly marked so you can precisely alter the scope’s performance according to your needs, and each click equals 1 MOA: an easy enough calculation to memorize.

Even better, both the magnification ring and the windage and elevation turrets benefit from a precision glide erector system, ensuring that all the parts of the scope stay fluid and smooth over the scope’s lifespan.

All in all, this optic is phenomenal through and through and doesn’t even cost too much, especially compared to some of the more specialized scopes on the market. It’s a great pairing for a Savage 220 build.


  • Multiple magnification ranges and objective lens sizes available
  • 1.75-5×32
  • 3-9×40
  • 3.5-10×50
  • 4-12×40
  • Dead-hold BDC reticle (Second focal plane
  • 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustment turrets
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions


What Slugs Shoot Best Out Of The Savage 220?

The two types of rounds that seem to work best with the Savage 220 are the Remington Accutip 20ga 2-3/4″ and Federal Trophy Copper 20ga 3″.

Does The Savage 220 Shoot 3 Inch Shells?

The Savage 220 is most accurate with the old Barnes loaded Federal and has been known to shoot 3 right on an inch at 100 yds several times.

Where is The Savage 220 Made?

The Savage Rifles headquarters is located in Westfield, Massachusetts. The weapon was introduced in 2010, originally as a bolt-action 20-gauge 220 shotgun.

Is Savage a Good Brand?

They are reliable and rugged. Many who have owned Savage rifles state that they had excellent accuracy. In almost all cases, any gun is capable of greater accuracy than the human firing it. There are several factors involving accuracy, and Savage has proven itself to be a strong company in all respects. 

Who Bought Savage?

Investors led by Savage Arms CEO and President Al Kasper purchased the gun company from sporting goods conglomerate Vista Outdoor for $170 million in July 2019.

Does Savage Still Make the Savage 220?

Yes. The Savage 220 remains one of the finest factory-ready slug gun for deer hunting or sport on the market.

Does Savage Make a Left-Handed Version of the 220?

Yes, the company does indeed make a left-handed bolt but it is harder to find on the market. 

What Is The AccuTrigger?

The precise, safe, and customizable Savage Model 110 AccuTrigger, which launched a revolution in trigger precision among American riflemakers in general, is critical to the Model 220’s performance. It is simply the best and most precise trigger ever available on any factory-produced slug pistol.

How Much Does The Savage 220 Weigh?

The Savage 220 weighs just as stated: 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and its AccuTrigger breaks at 3 lbs., four ounces right out of the box.

What are The Best Slugs For The Savage 220?

Most owners seem to like the Remington Accutips or Federal Trophy Copper slugs for the Savage 220.

Who Is Savage Arms?

Savage Arms is an American firearms manufacturer with operations in Canada, centered in Westfield, Massachusetts. Savage makes rimfire and centerfire rifles, as well as single-shot rifles and shotguns from Stevens. The Model 99 lever-action rifle, which is no longer in production, and the.300 Savage are the company’s most famous products. Savage was a Vista Outdoor subsidiary until it was spun off in 2019.

What Is The History of Savage Arms?

Arthur Savage founded Savage Arms in Utica, New York, in 1894. They were producing rifles, handguns, and ammo within 20 years. The Model 1895, based on Arthur Savage’s Model 1892 rifle that he built for Colt in a failed bid for a US Army rifle contract, was the first hammerless lever-action rifle. The Model 1895 was awarded a contract by the New York National Guard, but it was later canceled owing to political strife.

During WWII, Savage returned to military manufacture, this time producing large weapons. The majority of Thompson submachine guns deployed in World War II were built by Savage. The British No. 4 Lee–Enfield bolt-action rifle was also made by Savage; although being stamped “U.S. PROPERTY,” these weapons were never utilized by the US military and were instead supplied to Britain as part of the Lend-Lease program. Savage produced some Model 24.22/.410 combo guns and Model 94 single barrel shotguns with Tenite plastic stocks, as quality wood was kept for military gun stock production.

Savage Arms employed 367 people in its Westfield, Massachusetts manufacturing as of May 2018.


All four products mentioned have been successful in delivering quality performance. While they might exhibit a few flaws here and there, the fact remains that each scope offers more features and benefits than what it costs.

Among them, we found the Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope to be the best scope for Savage 220. This is because not only does it include most of the features offered by the other three products, but it takes some of them further up a notch. For instance, the wide field of view and high magnification are excellent features to have in a scope.

This does not take away from the fact that the other three scopes are great too. There is no universal best scope for Savage 220 guns. It all comes down to your preferences and usage.

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