Best Scope for 30-30 Lever Action Rifles – the 5 Best Ones for Marlin & Winchester

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The .30-30 lever-action rifle is a classic American weapon that’s been used for generations in both military and hunting capacities. While these rifles are not incredibly large, their cartridges pack enough punch to take down medium or large game at their effective ranges.

Even with this power, .30-30 rifles are known for their relatively light recoil, which makes them easy to use and enjoy. Two of the more popular rifles using the cartridge are Marlin 336 and Winchester Model 1894.

Combining your .30-30 lever-action rifle with a good scope is a great way to improve your accuracy and allow you to push out your effective range. Rifles that use .30-30 cartridges can hit targets consistently at around 150 yards, but the human eye needs a little help to make that happen.

Our guide to the best scopes for your .30-30 has everything you need to make the best purchase for your needs.

What to Look for in the Best .30-30 Scope

Before we show you the best scopes for a .30-30 lever-action rifle, keep these key considerations in mind. Each of these aspects drastically affects how good a particular scope will be or what it’s best used for.

Optical Strength/Magnification

.30-30 lever-action rifles, also called “brush guns”, are specifically designed to hunt at medium to close range. Their cartridge size and firing power are best suited for hitting targets between 100 and 150 yards, although you can push your accuracy out to a maximum of about 200-250 yards with the right scope. See the 30-30 Ballistics chart for more information.

Because of this, scopes with very high magnification settings will be overkill in a lot of situations. Going up to about 10-12x magnification is as high as you want to go. Scopes with magnification settings on the lower end of the spectrum, around 4-8x magnification, are even better since they go well with the intended range of a standard brush gun.

Examine the magnification ranges available on each scope you consider so you get one that fully complements your rifle and its cartridges.

First Focal Plane vs. Second Focal Plane

One of the biggest arguments among scope enthusiasts has to deal with which of these two focal plane settings is better. The truth is that neither is superior all the time but instead that both excel in different situations.

First focal plane reticles are designed in such a way that their size appears to change depending on your magnification level. This can be particularly advantageous when used with scopes that swap between high or low magnification settings frequently. Your holdover points for windage and elevation will remain accurate relative to your target no matter how far you zoom in or out. This is because the reticle of an FFP scope will appear to get larger as you zoom in and smaller as you zoom out. However, this can make your reticle too small for comfort or difficult to get used to on certain settings. 

Second focal plane reticles don’t change size even as you switch between magnification levels. This means that one magnification setting, usually the highest, is the “correct” magnification for the spaces between holdover points. But this can still be helpful if you don’t switch very much between magnification levels or your range is relatively limited. Your reticle will always be consistent and, therefore, easier to get used to.

.30-30 lever-action rifles benefit most from second focal plane reticles since they don’t usually utilize scopes that reach into the farther magnification settings.

You can read more on the topic FFP vs SFP here.


The reticle is important, as well. Some scopes come with a BDC reticle that lets you estimate the bullet point of impact without having to adjust for elevation. Others are illuminated, like red dot sights, and these can be helpful for target acquisition during variable lighting conditions.

Mounting Options

While many .30-30 lever-action rifles don’t have a lot of recoil, mounting is still an important consideration. A good mount will reduce recoil even further and help you maintain stability as you track a moving target and take several shots.

Side mounts will let you use any normal scope, while forward scopes force you to use long eye relief scopes that may not be ideal for your chosen target or firing range.

Some of the best .30-30 lever action scopes can work with different kinds of mounts for extra flexibility on your part. These are usually great bonuses.


If you purchase a brand new scope, you want it to last for a long time. Be sure to get a scope that has some kind of weatherproofing as a feature. The best scopes will be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof; you can take these excellent scopes out into the wilderness and depend on them even if conditions become difficult or you drop them by accident.

Buying a cheap, unprotected scope might save you some money initially but you’ll end up spending extra to purchase a new scope if your first breaks easily.

The 5 Best .30-30 Scopes

To help you find the best scope for 30-30, we have gone through a variety of products, read through forums, consulted .30-30 rifle owners and as a result compiled a list of the 5 most suitable scopes for the .30-30 cartridge. It is up to you to choose the best scope for your 30-30 based on your needs and budget.

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 SFP RiflescopeVortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7 x 32mm Rifle Scope Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

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This scope has a BDC reticle making it perfect for hitting shots at ranges longer than your zeroed range. It uses a customized dot design at the vertex of the crosshairs that helps you estimate holdover and windage corrections. Shooting in variable wind conditions is easier thanks to this feature.

The reticle is also a second-focal plane type, so no matter which magnification level you choose, the reticle stays the same size for consistency. This scope has a great range of magnification settings from 2x-7x: ideal for use at closer ranges where the power of the .30-30 lever-action rifle can excel at bringing down meatier animals.  

The scope has a very forgiving eye box and plenty of eye relief to go along with it. You should be able to get a clear sight picture quickly and acquire your target with a snap; the eyepiece is fast-focus designed. 

The lenses have been multicoated with an anti-reflective material. This allows the lenses to give you a colorful and bright sight picture without risking reflecting any of that light into your eye, potentially ruining your shot.

The scope has been constructed from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. The tube has been anodized, meaning that it stands less of a chance of sustaining rust damage over time. This brings great durability to the entire piece and, when combined with O-ring sealing and nitrogen purging, allows the scope to be weatherproof, as well. It’s one of the most durable scopes you can find.

All these features combined make this the best scope for Marlin 336 and any other 30-30 rifle, of course.


  • Excellent durability
  • Fantastic magnification settings for .30-30
  • Snappy optics
  • Comfortable eye relief


  • Not as accurate at medium ranges

2. UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact ScopeUTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings , Black

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This scope has a relatively wide selection of available magnification settings. You can shoot for targets as close as three times magnification or as far as targets that require the maximum twelve times magnification. It’s a great design for a .30-30 rifle, as it covers practically all ranges typically considered “close” and “medium”.

It’s got emerald coated lenses with an integrated, angled front sunshade, along with a flip-open lens cap. The sunshade helps you maintain accuracy even at high noon without a lot of tree cover but still brings in enough light to provide you with a clear sight picture. The flip-open lens is great for protecting the lens when it’s not in use and allows it to remain perfect for much longer.

The reticle is truly special. It’s illuminated and allows you to choose between red or green depending on your environment or preference.

There are 36 different luminosity settings to choose from, so you can depend on the scope to provide you with excellent accuracy in the brightness of day or the shadow of night. Switching between these elimination settings as easy thanks to two soft, ergonomic buttons that you can reach with just a finger.

This is great for a .30-30 lever-action rifle; even under recoil and the motion of the lever-action itself, the scope can maintain consistent illumination due to its special circuit housing. This durability is seen again on the body of the scope, which is weatherproof.

No matter your magnification setting, resetting to zero is consistent and snappy. Changing your MOA levels by ¼-inch can be done with an audible clicking turret. The tactile satisfaction from this adjustment knob is echoed by the windage and elevation turret, as well. This is a fantastic scope for many .30-30 shooters, especially given the asking price.


  • Affordable
  • Good magnification setting spread
  • 36 different reticle luminosity choices


  • A bit bulky on the tops and sides

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12x40mm SFP Riflescope Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12x40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA)

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Like the first two scopes, this .30-30 scope has a BDC dead-hold reticle that allows you to track your targets much more easily at a distance and you do not have to adjust for elevation. It’s placed on the second focal plane so that it maintains the shape no matter which of the magnification settings you are currently using.

This reticle is combined very well with the scope’s variable magnification settings which range from as close as 4x to as far as 12x. These ranges are perfect for .30-30 lever-action rifle.

The lenses have been XR multicoated for clear, high contrast sight pictures no matter the light level or time of day; light is dispersed as minimally as possible through the glass. The eyepiece has been calibrated to allow you to focus your reticle snappily as soon as you see your target move in the brush.

The scope’s precision turrets let you easily zero reset after you’ve already sighted-in to your target’s location. The knobs can be adjusted without looking by listening to the tactile clicks that come with each ¼-inch adjustment.

The scope’s tubular body is made with a hard-anodized finish to prevent rust or corrosive damage over time. The anodized finish also lends significant durability and, as an extra advantage, helps camouflage your position due to its shadowy, non-reflective color. The scope has been O-ring sealed and argon purged to lend it true weatherproof qualities.


  • Very durable, somewhat camouflages
  • Great magnification ranges
  • Excellent light capture via lenses


  • A bit expensive

4. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40 1" Matte (174180)

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Here’s a great scope for use with any lever action 30-30 rifle, made by one of the best scope manufacturers in the business: Leupold. It features magnification settings between 3x and 9x, meaning you can easily push out your effective range to 150 yards or even a little more, especially since it features a 40 mm objective lens. This allows it to capture plenty of light for optimal transmission.

Furthermore, the scope features a simplistic duplex reticle that isn’t overly busy with a ton of hash marks. Thus, it’s great for keeping track of moving critters you want to hit or hitting targets when competing with your friends. The scope is made to be suitably durable for outdoor use and inclement weather, featuring waterproof and fog proof construction. The scope’s body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and tested by Leupold to ensure that it’ll hold up even under heavy recoil. This is nice, but it isn’t necessary given the relatively low recoil of most 30-30 rifles. 

Even better, this scope features scratch-resistant lenses, even to military standards. The proprietary Twilight Max Light management System can add an additional 10 minutes or so of shooting light at the beginning and end of the day and makes this a great scope for hunters that normally hunt targets at around 100 yards or so ranges.

Add to all of these positive benefits excellent eye relief at ranges between 3.66 inches and 4.17 inches and you have an altogether phenomenal scope that can handle any occasion or need. Pair it with your favorite versatile 30-30 rifle and you won’t be disappointed.

The scope as a set of windage and elevation adjustment turrets that are nonetheless not very well marked. But this is the only real downside on this otherwise phenomenal scope.


  • Features excellent materials and assembly
  • Lenses are scratch-resistant 
  • Made to work in any weather
  • Has an excellent reticle and magnification range
  • Features Twilight Max Light Management System 


  • Windage and elevation turrets aren’t well marked

5. Hawke Vantage 3-9×40 AO ScopeHawke Vantage 3-9x40 AO Scope Mil-Dot Riflescope (14123)

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If you’re looking for the best possible optic to pair with a 30-30 rifle, you’ll want to check out this Hawke Vantage scope. It’s perfect for hunting small game at short to mid ranges since it can magnify between 3-9x with a 50 mm objective lens. That’s a little higher than average, but it’s great for your purposes since it means the scope will collect more shooting light and provide a better sight picture when you scope in to your target.

Even better, it features eleven distinct layers of multicoated optics. It’s great news for any 30-30 target shooter in you since the coatings will keep the lens durable and long-lasting even under heavy use, plus provide greater color contrast.

But that’s not all. This optic comes with an illuminated lens. You can control the illumination settings using a side control knob located near the windage and elevation adjusters. Each knob, as well as the zoom magnification ring itself, is high torque and very responsive to touch. Changing this scope’s aspects is quick and easy.

To round out its features, this optics comes with a side focus parallax dial to make sure you don’t have to deal with this aspect while shooting. All in all, it’s a durable and versatile riflescope perfect for 30-30 users who need something reliable and long-lasting.


  • Very durable design and lenses
  • Has an illuminated reticle and easy controls for illumination settings
  • Features a fast-focus eyepiece
  • Windage, elevation, and other knobs are easy to switch and turn without snagging


  • Mil dots on default reticle are a little small
  • Some scopes’ crosshairs rotate within the tube, so you may need to contact the manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The 30-30 Lever Action Rifle?

The 30-30 rifle is as storied as any artifact of Americana. Hunters were slow to accept the novel design and tiny caliber when it was first released by Winchester in the late 1800s. However, the 30-30’s benefits gradually won out over those of larger calibers. Alternatives include the 45 and shotgun.

Meanwhile, the round that goes with it is also historic. The 30-30 is effectively the great North American deer cartridge, having been introduced as the first small-bore, smokeless powder sports rifle round. The name is derived from a combination of the cartridge size and design, and refers to a.30 caliber bullet loaded with 30 grains of smokeless powder.

What Is The 30-30 Used For?

The.30-30 rifle is famous for its tremendous recoil control. The weapon and ammunition were created with little recoil in mind. As a result, it’s one of the most popular rifles among deer hunters, particularly in thickly forested places like the northern midwest’s wooded regions.

How Many Rounds Does A 30-30 Hold?

The 30–30 rifle, which has a 20-inch barrel, has a tube magazine that stores 5 rounds and a chamber that holds one cartridge. The full-size rifle version has a magazine that carries 7 rounds and a chamber that holds one.

Is A 30-30 Lever Action Rifle Worth It?

30-30 Lever action rifles are known for being strong, durable, and dependable. They’re ideal for prepper and outdoor survivalists alike. The truth is that lever actions are more fragile and prone to failure than practically any other rifle on the market today.

Can You Use A 30-30 Lever Action Rifle For Hunting?

30-30 lever action rifles have always been a suitable choice for some hunting styles in certain terrain types – brush country in the north, outback horseback hunts in the west, and anywhere where the action is fast and shot distances are moderate, the lever has always been a viable choice.

How Far Can You Fire A 30-30 Rifle?

Typically, a 30-30 lever action rifle is accurate out to 100 yards. After that, you can shoot 150-200 yards unless you are confident in your bullet placement. Shooting becomes a waste of ammunition after that due to bullet drop and energy loss. The projectile can travel 5–600 yards before falling victim to gravity.

Is A Lever Action or Bolt Action Faster?

Lever actions appear to be faster in terms of speed of action and ability to catch a target and perform the follow-up shot. I find it easier to keep the gun pointing at the target while using the lever than it is to work the bolt. Pulling the handle down is simply more natural than cycling the bolt.

What Does “30-30” Mean?

A 160-grain soft point bullet and 30 grains of smokeless powder were utilized in the initial loading of the weapon. As a result of the 30-caliber bullet and 30 grains of powder, the term 30-30 was coined and the name has stuck ever since. 


All of the products mentioned have been successful in providing quality one way or another. While all of them feature a few minor flaws, at the end of the day, their benefits outstrip the drawbacks.

Which product is the best scope for your 30-30 rifle will depend on your preferences and priorities.

Whichever product you end up choosing, we believe that you will be satisfied with its performance! If you want a more powerful cartridge, check our 30-06 scopes recommendations and Scar 17 scopes.

You may also find interesting our recommendations for muzzleloader scopes and .17 HMR scopes

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