Best Scope for Mosin Nagant – The 4 Best Optics in 2023

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There are plenty of amazing rifles out there. Nevertheless, hardcore marksmen will agree that the Mosin Nagant rifle just happens to be one of the best of the bunch. This rifle was extremely popular among the Russian Empire. It might be an older rifle, but it has withstood the test of time. In fact, hunters and target shooting alike will absolutely cherish this rifle for an abundance of reasons.

Still, you need to understand that not everyone has an eagle eye. You probably don’t. Don’t worry though. You can greatly improve your accuracy by investing in the best scope for Mosin Nagant. Just remember that you’re going to find plenty of options in your search for the Mosin Nagant scope.

So, what do you need to consider when choosing a Mosin Nagant scope? You’re going to find out in the in-depth guide below.

What Makes It So Great?

  • A high powerful rifle
  • Very reliable
  • Not too heavy
  • Great for many shooting styles
  • Recoil isn’t too terrible
  • Pretty affordable

If you want to step back in time and equip yourself with one of the greatest rifles ever, you’ll definitely want to think about buying a Mosin Nagant. This rifle is immensely effective for targeting close, medium and long-range targets. On top of that, you can guarantee that this rifle is going to be reliable and effective. After all, the Russian Empire loved it and you’re going to love it as well. The rifle might be pretty amazing in its own right. Just remember that adding a scope to the equation is going to make a big, big difference.

By equipping yourself with the best scope for Mosin Nagant, you’ll be able to enhance your accuracy and make yourself a far deadlier shooter out there in the woods. If you’re target shooting, you’ll love the scope and rifle combination as well!

Going The Distance: Maximize Your Shooting Range

When you first buy a Mosin Nagant, your range is going to be pretty limited. If you have good eyesight, you’ll likely be able to bring down targets that are 200 yards away. There is a good chance that you want this to change. Well, a good scope can help. With the best scope for Mosin Nagant, you’ll be able to enhance your accuracy pretty quickly. With the right scope, you can likely pick off targets that are up to 1,000 yards away from you. That might be difficult to believe, but it is the truth. Of course, it is going to depend on the specific scope that you get and your marksmanship skills.

If this combination isn’t perfect, your distance and accuracy are both going to be significantly decreased. Below, you’re going to learn more about the typical distance that your bullet is going to travel.

A Quick Guide To Distance: How Far Will Your Bullet Go?

The Mosin Nagant is a great rifle with plenty of distance. Even from the get-go, it is going to deliver a pretty good range. Approximate numbers have been provided below for your consideration.

  • Long Range: Approximately 300 yards and above
  • Medium Range: Roughly 200 to 300 yards
  • Close Range: Under 200 yards

The Mosin Nagant is a pretty versatile rifle that will never let you down. Just remember that the aforementioned numbers might not be entirely accurate. There are too many factors at play to give you exact numbers. At the same time, you need to know that your scope’s magnification is going to make a huge difference. It might not improve the power or distance of the rifle, but it is going to make you far more effective at certain distances. So, you need to know exactly what magnification you need for each and every situation that you encounter.

What Magnification Do You Need?

It is true that shooting far away targets is very tough. This is why long-range shooters are so admired. They’ve perfected their craft over the years and they’re the best of the best. When you’re shooting targets that are far away, you have to consider many things, including the wind. Still, it is true that a good scope is going to help.

With the right scope, your chances of hitting the target are going to be increased tenfold. Whether you’re interested in hunting for food or just improving your marksmanship, it is highly recommended that you acquire a great scope for this specific rifle.

So, how do you know which magnification strength you’re going to need? Well, it depends on the targets that you’re shooting and their distance from you. More about that will be explored in greater depth below.

  • Long Range
  • Again, you need to understand that picking off far away targets is tough. The size of the target and the wind will both play a role here. Nevertheless, you need to realize that your scope can greatly improve your abilities. With a more powerful scope, you’ll have little to no trouble zooming in on your targets and squaring them up. If you’re going to be shooting targets that are 300 or 400 yards away, you’re going to need the most powerful magnification possible. 9x is good, but more is even better! Also, try to get a scope with a lens diameter of at least 40mm.
  • Medium Range
  • When you decrease the distance, you can also decrease the strength of the scope. In this specific category, you should be all right with 5x to 9x magnification. This will give you the ability to pick off targets that are roughly 200 to 400 yards from your location.
  • Close Range
  • Shooting close range targets is really the easiest. Nevertheless, you can still experience accuracy issues from time to time. This is definitely the case if the wind is blowing like crazy. When you are disappointed with your accuracy, you should definitely buy a scope for close-range shooting. The magnification should be minimized. 1x strength is great. Do not exceed 4x power or you’ll be defeating the purpose.

Getting the best scope for your Mosin Nagant is going to be a little tricky. It is often best to go ahead and acquire a scope with adjustable magnification. If you’re able to do that, you’ll be able to use the scope for multiple situations. If you intend to choose targets that are nearby, you’ll be satisfied with a weaver scope. Otherwise, you’re going to need far more power!

The 4 Best Mosing Nagant Scopes

There are many great scopes that will satisfy Mosin Nagant owners. The Leupold VX-1 might be the very best, but you should consider each and every one of your options. You’ll also want to take a look at the much cheaper Bushnell Banner Dusk And Dawn Riflescope. Both of these scopes will prove to be great. And, there are plenty of other options to play around with. Both, you’re going to learn more about these scopes and a few of their competitor’s.

1. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

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The UTG BugBuster is a good tactical optic for combining with a Mosin-Nagant rifle. For instance, it comes with magnification settings between 3-9x: ideal spots for both close-range hunting and tactical engagements suitable for this type of rifle.

This adds to the optic’s versatility, which is bolstered even further by multicoated lenses. Specifically, the scope uses emerald coatings to boost light transmission as far as possible. Your resulting sight pictures should be clear and high contrast every time.

To make things even better, the scope comes with zero lockable and resettable turrets for windage and elevation. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the turrets accidentally being shifted as you move from position to position.

The scope overall is quite durable. It’s totally sealed and nitrogen-filled to ensure waterproof and fogproof performance. So you can certainly take this into the field and rely on it in any inclement weather.

Illuminated Reticle

The BugBuster is a great optic furthermore because of its illuminated reticle. This can swap between red and green color settings, which you can control using a special dial opposite the elevation dial. The illuminated reticle design allows you to rely on this optic in bright daylight and dark nighttime shooting conditions alike.


To boost its value for money, the scope comes with a handful of valuable accessories. These include a 2-inch sunshade to prevent the sun from compromising your shooting accuracy, high-quality flip-open lens caps, and quick detachable rings so mounting and un-mounting the scope is fast and simple every time.

Bottom Line

All in all, the BugBuster represents a fantastic optic for hunters of all kinds. But it’s a particularly good choice for Mosin-Nagant rifles thanks to its compact design and overall versatility.

2. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9×40 Scope

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3.3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm

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The Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope is very affordable. However, consumers should not be deterred by this low price, because it can deliver clear visibility and resist the harshest weather conditions. In fact, Bushnell has tested the scope’s ability to endure element exposure, accuracy level, and other capabilities.

Hi-Definition Images

The Banner Dusk & Dawn provides HD images, even in low light and poor weather conditions. This capability will ensure you clearly see your target at dusk and dawn. See your target no matter the lighting conditions, thanks to the riflescope’s quality optics.

Bottom Line

The Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope is ideal for beginners who are working on improving their skills. The 40mm objective lens and 3-9x magnification settings are ideal for short-range hunting and target shooting. The durability of the scope been proven to be on a high level, even though the scope is so affordable. It would also be good for the Marlin 336.

Fan of Bushnell? Read our Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 review.

3. ZEISS Conquest V4

Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50mm Riflescope, Capped Turret, 93 ZMOA-1 Reticle, Black

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Want an optic that can help you hit farther targets at the edge of the Mosin-Nagant’s effective range? The ZEISS Conquest V4 is your answer. You can choose between two different magnification ranges: 4-16x with a 44 mm objective lens or 6-24x with a 50 mm objective lens. Either way, the optic will be suitable for mid-range to long-range shots, making it a perfect choice if you’re a hunter or target shooter.

Regardless of the type you choose, you’ll find that the scope is phenomenally durable and made of high-quality materials to provide weatherproof performance. Therefore, you’ll be able to take this scope into the field and use it even if it’s foggy or wet outside.

High-Definition Glass

But this optic is doubly awesome thanks to its extremely high-definition glass. The glass used for the objective lens is so excellent that you’ll get up to 90% light transmission on average. Your resulting sight pictures will be high in color contrast and high-resolution, boosting your accuracy in the long run.

Furthermore, the glass is coated with special durability boosting layers. Like the rest of the scope, the lenses should last for a long time to come and provide you with a clear view no matter the light conditions.

Variable Reticles

Alongside choosing the magnification ranges, you’ll also be able to pick between several different reticle types. The best of these is undoubtedly a specialized illuminated reticle, which includes fine crosshairs to help you make precise shots in bright daylight.

The illumination settings are adjustable based on your current light level and cement this as a versatile scope suitable for a wide range of shooting needs.

Bottom Line

In the end, the Conquest V4 is a perfect scope to combine with a Mosin-Nagant rifle, especially if you like to use that rifle at the upper end of its effective range.

4. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24x50 AO, Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA)

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With a name like Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope you better believe that this scope comes packed with capabilities that can enable it to stand up in dusk or dawn conditions. First off, the optic system is probably the most impressive thing about this scope, as they provide the user with stunning HD clarity, which is something that is rarely found in a scope.

With a lens of 6-24×50 configurations, you won’t have a problem with nailing shots at long-range or short-range distances.

Beautifully Constructed

Sure, most marksmen won’t care about the looks of their scope as long as it provides the features and durability that they are seeking. However, when you look at the sleek one-piece design of the Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope, you won’t be able to help but grovel at it. It is truly built with durability and that is clearly present in the construction.

Final Thoughts

With its beautiful construction, dusk and dawn lighting system, and magnification settings this scope really is hard to match. And, it comes available at a modest price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Mosin Nagant?

The M1891, often known as Mosin–Nagant in the West and Mosin’s rifle in Russia and the former Soviet Union, is a five-shot bolt-action, internal magazine–fed military rifle. It’s most commonly encountered chambered for the 7.6254mmR cartridge.

It was developed between 1882 and 1891 and was used by the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and a number of other countries’ armed forces. With over 37 million copies produced since 1891, it is one of the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history. Despite its age, it has been utilized in a variety of battles all across the world up to now.

Was the Mosin Nagant a good rifle?

Despite its flaws, the Model 1891/30 is a tough, dependable, and accurate, with an average minute of arc ranging from 1.5 to less than 1 degree (less than an inch over 100 meters). It turned out to be a resounding success. In fact, seized Mosin-Nagants were said to be preferred by German snipers above their own Mauser Karabiner 98k rifles.

Why is the Mosin Nagant still used?

Mosin-Nagants can still be seen on battlefields around the world, with terrorists using them as sniper rifles in the current Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Syrian, Afghan, Finnish, and Iraqi troops.

How powerful is a Mosin-Nagant?

The 7.62x54R cartridge contributed to the Mosin-Nagant’s effectiveness. It had a rimmed case, which was and still is uncommon for a military round, but it was technologically advanced for 1891, firing a 150-grain bullet at 2,800 fps.

What ammo does a Mosin Nagant use?

The original cartridge, 7.62x54r, is still chambered in most Mosin-Nagants today. 7.62x53r (Finnish), 8x57mm Mauser, and 8x50r Mannlicher are some of the more uncommon varieties. Berdan primed and historically corrosive, all 7.62x54r ammo is available.

Can I own a Mosin Nagant in California?

It is deemed ancient if it was made before 1899. Its sale or transfer does not necessitate the completion of any documentation. The difference is that if the rifle is a “curio or relic” by age, the sale in California would require a Curio and Relic license, so that’s the distinction.

How long was the Mosin-Nagant in service?

The Mosin-Nagant was in service from 1892 to 1998, and approximately 37,000,000 were made. It was made famous by the Soviet Union’s deployment of it during World War II.

Why is the Mosin Nagant called the three line rifle?

The firearm is called the three-line because of the old Russian method of using a set line to measure the bore of a firearm.

How do you pronounce “Mosin Nagant”?

MO-seen Nah-GON

How can I tell if my rifle was used in combat?

If it was built before the conclusion of WWII, the chances of it being granted are about 100 percent. This pertains to Mosins from Russia, the Soviet Union, and Finland. It’s impossible to say whether it was actually used in combat, although the chances are fairly good that it was. Unless it is a confirmed war trophy from Korea or Vietnam, it is unlikely to have seen battle if it was built around or after WWII ended. Even back then, it’s possible it was taken from a weapons cache and never used in conflict.