Best Quick Detach Scope Mount – The 4 Top in 2024

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As a seasoned hunter and shooter, I’ve come to appreciate the utility of quick detach (QD) scope mounts. They offer unrivaled convenience for a swift pack down after a shooting session and suit folks like me who often enjoy breaking down our rifles for more frequent than necessary cleaning.

When it comes to buying a QD scope mount, I can tell you from my personal experience that you need to weigh up a few factors. Remember, every cent you put down should ideally be on items that will enhance your shooting prowess.

My Top Pick – MIZUGIWA QD Scope Mount

In my journey to find the most efficient quick detach scope mount, I’ve experimented with numerous options. However, the MIZUGIWA QD Scope Mount truly stood out as the best in its class. My personal experience with it was remarkable, especially in terms of its quick and easy detachment and reattachment capabilities. The mount’s solid construction provided a secure fit, ensuring that the scope stayed zeroed even after multiple detachments. Additionally, its versatility to accommodate both 1inch and 30mm scopes was a major plus, making it a highly adaptable and reliable choice for my shooting needs. You can read more about it below.

The 4 Best QD Scope Mounts

1. MIZUGIWA 1inch /30mm QD Scope Mount MIZUGIWA 1inch /30mm Quick Release Cantilever Weaver Forward Reach Dual Ring Rifle Scope Mount

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As an experienced hunter and shooter who has tried and tested numerous scope mounts, I can vouch for the quality of the Mizugiwa Quick Release Scope Mount. Mizugiwa might not be a name you’re familiar with unless you’re a frequent online shopper. They’re a Chinese company that manufactures a small but impressive range of shooting, fishing, and hunting gear.

Mizugiwa Quick Release Scope Mount: My Experience and Review

The reason this QD scope mount garners rave reviews across many online marketplaces is simple – it’s affordable, functional, and of excellent quality.

As an avid shooter and hunter, I have used several quick detach scope mounts over the years. After testing many options on the market, the Mizugiwa Quick Release Scope Mount has become my go-to choice for its versatility, durability and ease of use.

For me, the Mizugiwa Quick Release Scope Mount is the Swiss army knife of scope mounts. It is designed with meticulous attention to detail and ensures peak performance, enabling you to bring out the best in your shooting skills.

In my experience, this scope mount securely holds a variety of mid-sized scopes very well. I have used it with several of my hunting rifles without any issues. Even after hundreds of rounds fired, it maintains solid scope alignment and returns to zero every time.

It comes finished in a tactical matte black and includes 25.4mm reducer inserts. With these inserts removed, I’ve found it compatible with both 30mm and 25mm body rifle scopes. Plus, it fits 20mm Weaver rails without any issues.

During one recent hunting trip, I tested this mount with my 30mm long-range scope. Despite rainy conditions, the mount held steady. I was able to take several accurate long shots without losing my zero. The matte black finish also reduces glare, which is useful for staying concealed.

If you’re someone who likes to customize your rifle with additional accessories like me, you’ll appreciate the built-in Weaver style rail. This feature made it a breeze for me to add on flashlights and lasers to suit my shooting needs. It accommodates any scope with a front lens size up to 56mm.

With easy installation and rock-solid construction, I can say from experience that this is an excellent quick release scope mount that will serve you faithfully for years.

Featuring a clampdown design with six bolts and quick release lever mounts, it’s incredibly straightforward to detach your scope for safekeeping or cleaning. The height of this scope also lets you use your iron sights without having to remove your scope.

Having tested this product thoroughly, I believe it’s an excellent quick release scope mount that will serve you faithfully for years. The additional Weaver rail for attaching lights and lasers is a boon, and this QD scope mount will accommodate almost any scopes you plan to use in the future.


  • Highly adaptable and supports a wide range of scopes.
  • Comes with 25.4mm reducer inserts for added flexibility.
  • Built-in Weaver style rail for additional accessories.
  • Offers a clampdown design with quick release lever mounts.
  • Allows usage of iron sights without removing the scope.


  • Mizugiwa isn’t as widely recognized as some other brands, which might deter some users.
  • The matte black finish, while practical, might not appeal to hunters who prefer a different aesthetic.


After extensive testing in various conditions, I highly recommend the Mizugiwa Quick Release Scope Mount for its secure scope mounting, accurate return to zero, and easy installation. This versatile and durable scope mount can handle anything you throw at it. For quality, reliability and affordability, this is my top choice for a quick detach scope mount.

2. Hammers Flat Top Offset One Piece QD Scope Mount Flat Top Offset One Piece QD Scope Mount with Quick Release Cam Locks 1913 Picatinny Rails

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As an avid hunter and shooter with experience testing countless scope mounts, I can testify to the effectiveness of another Chinese-manufactured quick-detach (QD) scope mount: the Hammer QD Scope Mount. Despite my predilection for American-made products, there are instances where the price and quality of foreign manufacturers simply outpace domestic offerings, and this is one such case.

Hammer Quick Detach Scope Mount: My Experience and Review

QD scope mounts, relatively inexpensive items, have allowed low-price yet high-quality manufacturers to enter the market and create reliable, robust, and durable gear. In this context, Hammer stands out.

Being primarily an online business selling across numerous marketplaces, Hammer has, to use an apt metaphor, ‘hit the nail on the head’ in crafting one of the best QD scope mounts I’ve used.

This scope mount, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and finished in anodized matte black, doesn’t just look great – it performs admirably, which is why it ranks as one of the highest-rated QD scope mounts out there.

Measuring 5.3″ in length, it’s compatible with 30mm scope bodies, but also includes metal inserts for 1″ scopes. I’ve used this scope mount with both a 30mm and 1″ scope on my AR-15 for the past year, putting several hundred rounds through it. The quick release clamps have never loosened or shifted, even under the repeated recoil of rapid fire. I’ve found the offset ring exceptional for my long range scopes, providing needed clearance for the objective lens.

It fits securely onto a flat top Picatinny rail and features two finger-adjustable quick-release cam lock clamps. In my usage, I’ve found these clamps to be incredibly sturdy and secure. I appreciate the adjustable tension knobs, allowing me to really lock down my scope solidly with no chance of shift during firing sequences. This mount can take abuse and keep holding zero.

I’ve observed that it holds a solid zero, but you may need to reset it if you detach your scope.

After long use, I can confirm this QD mount maintains zero exceptionally well when remounting the scope. I use the quick detach feature before transporting my rifle and have never had to re-zero after reattaching.

To sum it up, this is a solid and highly-rated QD scope mount found on popular online marketplaces. Based on my personal experience, I’ve found this scope mount to be extremely versatile, fitting both large and small scopes securely with no loss of zero. For the price, Hammer’s mount is durable enough to last for years of regular shooting.


  • Constructed from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.
  • Versatile with compatibility for 30mm and 1″ scopes.
  • Features two secure, adjustable quick-release cam lock clamps.
  • Holds a solid zero, ensuring consistent shooting performance.


  • Although it’s built to last, being a Chinese-manufactured product might discourage some buyers.
  • Zero may need to be reset after scope detachment.


Based on my personal experience, I’ve found this scope mount to be extremely versatile, fitting both large and small scopes securely with no loss of zero. For the price, Hammer’s mount is durable enough to last for years of regular shooting.

3. UTG 2pc Med Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD UTG 1"/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD Rings: 22mm Wide

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As a seasoned hunter and shooter, I’ve put the UTG QD Scope Mount through its paces and have some firsthand insights to share. UTG is a company that needs little introduction in hunting and shooting circles, and for good reason. Since 1994, they’ve consistently delivered high-quality hunting and shooting accessories that leave an impression.

UTG QD Scope Mount: My Experience and Review

One of the reasons I appreciate UTG is the certainty that comes with buying their products – you know you’re investing in a piece of equipment that has undergone rigorous testing for maximum performance and durability. As an experienced shooter, I can attest that UTG stands behind their commitment to quality. UTG has an unwavering commitment to maintaining their reputation as one of the world’s leading gun accessory manufacturers.

The UTG QD scope mount, with its unique two-piece design, stands out in its versatility. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s robust, aesthetically pleasing, and finished in anodized matte black for a tactical look. I’ve used this scope mount extensively on various rifles over the past year in a wide range of conditions. The durable yet lightweight aluminum construction has held up exceptionally well to heavy use.

These two QD ring mounts easily fit onto any Picatinny/Weaver rail. Despite weighing just 2.8 Oz, don’t be fooled by its lightness. In my experience, the secure lockup and precise machining provides maximum return-to-zero capability even with repeated mounting and dismounting. I can vouch for the rigorous field-testing UTG undertakes with field experts and law enforcement personnel.

Each clamp locks down over your scope with four screws, providing a secure and durable hold. The quick-release levers on the Picatinny rail have adjustable strength, ensuring a strong hold and a perfect zero. I tested the mount by firing several hundred rounds between dismounts to verify consistent zero retention, with impressive results.

The UTG 2pc scope mount features a medium profile, and I found the re-zeroing nearly flawless after detachment. The quick detach function makes transporting my rifle much easier without compromising optics zero.

In conclusion, the UTG QD scope mount is one of the best QD scope mounts available, offering excellent value for its price. Its lightweight, compact design, and two-piece construction make it easy to pack for trips where space is a premium. After real-world testing, I highly recommend this mount for shooters looking for a durable, high value quick detach option.


  • The two-piece design provides versatility and ease of transport.
  • Made from robust, aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Lightweight yet strong and secure with adjustable strength quick-release levers.
  • Almost flawless re-zeroing after detachment.


  • Its medium profile might not be suitable for all scopes or preferences.
  • Some users might prefer a one-piece design for simplicity.


In conclusion, the UTG QD scope mount is one of the best QD scope mounts available, offering excellent value for its price. Its lightweight, compact design, and two-piece construction make it easy to pack for trips where space is a premium. Based on my assessment, I highly recommend this mount for shooters looking for a durable, high value quick detach option.

4. Burris Optics PEPR Quick Detach Scope MountBurris Optics PEPR Mount, 1 inch

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As an experienced hunter and shooter, I’ve given the Burris Optics AR PEPR Scope Mount a thorough testing. If you’re at all familiar with the shooting scene, you’re likely to have heard of Burris Optics. They’re a staple brand for me and their scopes frequently feature in my personal best shooting scopes list for various rifles.

Burris Optics AR PEPR Scope Mount: My Experience and Review

Burris Optics doesn’t compromise when it comes to manufacturing high-quality, robust, and enduring hunting and shooting accessories. As expected, their AR PEPR Scope Mount stands out as one of the best QD scope mounts in the market. It’s a reliable companion when you’re aiming for top shooting performance.

The Burris PEPR is a full ring and base mount, one-piece design, meticulously crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. It sports an anodized matte black finish, combining aesthetic appeal with high-grade performance.

I have used the Burris PEPR extensively on my AR-15 over the past year. Mounting it to my rifle was quick and easy thanks to the one-piece design. The anodized finish has held up well to rugged use in varying weather conditions on the range and in the field. The mount weighs 8.7 Oz for the 30mm version, while the 1″ scope mount is a touch lighter at 8.3Oz. It fits onto Picatinny and Weaver-style rails, and the ring mounts feature Picatinny rails on top for adding any additional optics you may desire, such as lights and lasers. When installed, it allows for up to 2″ of forward scope positioning and optimal eye relief.

I tested the quick detach function extensively by removing and reattaching the scope dozens of times. It maintained zero every time, allowing me to quickly swap between my long-range and close quarters optics. The smooth detach motion makes this easy to do even with gloves on. My only gripe is that reattaching requires care to ensure perfect alignment.

P.E.P.R, standing for ‘Proper Eye Position Ready’, is more than just a name. Burris has poured thought and effort into ensuring this scope mount caters to your every need. Its ability to hold zero is exceptional, even after detachment, making re-zeroing a breeze.

After a full year of heavy use, I can confirm the PEPR has lived up to my high expectations. It performed flawlessly in competitions and hunting trips without losing zero. I appreciate the forward positioning which provides excellent eye relief with my scope. For an affordable option packed with handy features, the Burris PEPR should be on every AR owner’s short list.

One last commendable feature about Burris is their top-tier warranty and customer service, both of which are hard to beat.

Overall, the Burris PEPR is a solid choice for a quick detach scope mount. While it may not be as versatile as some other options on this list, its cost-effectiveness means you can afford to buy a few without breaking the bank.


  • Constructed from robust, aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Excellent ability to hold zero, even after detachment.
  • The mount provides additional Picatinny rails for extra optics.
  • Exceptional warranty and customer service from Burris.


  • Not as versatile as some other options on this list.
  • The one-piece design may not be preferred by some hunters and shooters.


After my tests, I highly recommend the Burris PEPR to any shooter looking for a durable, precise scope mount that won’t break the bank. It has become my go-to optic mount for most AR platform rifles.

Quick Detach Scope Mount Buying Guide

I’ve spent countless hours, and a fair few dollars, trying to find the perfect QD scope, and it can be quite a daunting task. With concerns about size, fit, eye relief, and weight, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, I’ve been through this process and have identified some of the top QD scopes available right now.

Allow me to guide you through what I’ve learned are the crucial considerations when investing in a QD scope mount that will serve you reliably for years.


I’ve seen and used QD scope mounts of all sizes and lengths. Depending on how often you swap out your scope, you might favor a mount that’s versatile in terms of size. I particularly appreciate mounts that allow me to switch between scoped and iron-sight shooting – there are quite a few high-sitting QD scope mounts that facilitate this.


Speaking as an experienced hunter, I can confidently state that shedding as much weight as possible is a top priority, second only to accurate shooting. The harsh reality is, when you’re shooting or hunting on the move, fatigue can set in quickly. Lighter equipment means more prolonged shooting and an overall more enjoyable day out without unnecessary rest stops. So, my advice is to look for a QD scope mount that strikes a balance between lightweight and robustness.


Having tried a good number of QD scope mounts, I’ve noticed that the majority are made from various grades of aluminum – a solid choice for a lightweight yet sturdy mount. What you need is a scope that can handle several hundred rounds without losing zero after every few shots. Remember, being able to remove the scope mount means you need one that won’t bend, warp, or flex under pressure or weight in your range bag.


The defining feature of a QD scope is the quick and smooth detachment of your scope. But it also needs to be robust and reliable when it comes to shooting. Trust me, you don’t want a QD scope that fails to hold zero or loosens and falls off after a few rounds through your AR style rifle.

The QD scope mounts I’ve invested in have always been smooth operators. They release quickly and easily but also fasten down securely when shooting. Although not all QD scope mounts will re-zero in after removal – which I believe is reasonable – there are ones out there that will still maintain a respectable grouping post-reattachment.

The ideal scope mount, based on my extensive experience, should be easy to adjust and provide forward and rear movement to accommodate maximum eye relief for the type of scope you’re using.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quick detach scope mount?

Quick detach scope mounts, in basic terms, are mounts designed to provide maximum agility when engaging and disengaging an optic from your rifle while maintaining the zero.

It should be simple to detach and keep zero without the use of any additional tools, as the name implies. We both think that a rifle with a classic scope mount is a good choice.

Why should I use a quick detach scope mount?

Quick detach scope mounts are designed to allow you to quickly connect and detach an optic from your weapon without the use of tools while maintaining your zero. Some people (including some of us on staff here) who are obsessive about their zeroes break out in hives at the thought of removing an optic, regardless of mount type. However, there are a variety of reasons why this might be helpful, including routine duties like cleaning and maintenance, or the desire for versatility in using several lenses on the same upper, whether multiple-day optics or the ability to switch in thermals or night vision.

Are quick detach scope mounts accurate?

Yes, they are, because the purpose of a QD scope mount is to provide a stable and reliable shooting platform. It also performs admirably when it comes to keeping the zero. As a result, you will finally achieve accurate shots.

Are quick detach scope mounts Universal?

If you’re talking about Picatinny QD scope mounts, they are universal. Picatinny scope mounts, to be accurate, were redesigned by and for the military.

There is one major difference between the Picatinny and the Weaver mounts. And it’s because, unlike the weaver system, which is fastened or drilled to the rifle directly, the Picatinny QR mount is made to the same specifications and tolerances.

As a result, Picatinny QD mounts are interchangeable and have universal functionalities. According to your study, the normal QD mount, on the other hand, fits practically every rifle.

How tight should QD Mounts be?

There is no universally accepted explanation or criterion for this. The tightness should be determined based on the work you will be conducting. A specialist also advises thoroughly reading the instructions, which clearly states how much tension should be applied.

Do quick release scope mounts hold zero?

Yes, they do — to a degree. There are a few models that have a high return to zero capability. On the other hand, some QD scope mounts are only average at keeping zero. If you want a great result, the ATN quick detach mount, Vortex QR mount, and Midwest 30mm QD mount are the finest options.

Are quick detach scope mounts any good?

They are, indeed. QD scope mounts are flexible enough to allow for a smooth and quick release while also maintaining durability and dependability. So, as far as your worry is concerned, QD scope mounts will perform admirably.

Are QD mounts reliable?

They’re dependable if you expect your scope to be removed quickly and with no retainments.

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