How to Level a Rifle Scope

When you place a scope on any rifle, it usually looks flawless and requires no additional adjustments. You will, however, need to level it.

Installing the base, rings, and then mounting and tightening the scope is typical. It’s as easy as following these four steps. However, the aim will not be as precise as you expect. This is where correct leveling comes in handy.

When even a tiny rotation causes the reticle to become fuzzy or displaced, this occurs. You’ll need to center it and make it user-friendly. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to achieve a specific goal.

To do so, you must first complete a few steps.

Why Level Your Scope

We’re going to tell you how to level a sight on a rifle from the very start to the finish. And to do so, we must first consider the real motivations for doing so.

To begin, it’s important to understand that leveling the scope is not the same as leveling the aim before firing. When you level the scope, or reticle, you’re preparing it to be aimed at some point. If you’re going to shoot, you’ll need to level the scope first.

Then there’s the fact that you’re not leveling the inside of the scope to your eye or the eye of any other user. Instead, you’re adjusting the rifle’s scope. This entails adjusting the reticle and optics to fit the receiver and aim of the gun.

So, why would you want to level a sight on a rifle?

  • The reticle will point you in the right direction. You won’t have any fuzzy or dislocated crosshairs pointing in any direction other than where you wish to shoot.
  • It eliminates any potential for distraction caused by unleveled reticles. Attempting to level a crosshair in the middle of a hunting excursion is neither enjoyable nor time-saving.
  • This way, the windage and elevation adjustments will be more precise. Adjustments will not be diagonal, dislocated, or uncomfortable.

How to Level A Rifle Scope

1: Secure The Rifle

Unload the rifle, remove all of the bullets, and place it on a cradle or rest. The rifle should be seated upright and securely fastened so that you can work freely with your hands without having to hold the weapon steady.

Once you’ve completed this, you’re ready to continue. Don’t skip this step; it’ll be necessary for a correct scope leveling.

2: Secure Rings

Now it’s time to mount the scope to the rings. Install the bottom ones first, either on the rails or the base. Tighten the screws. The scope and upper rings should then be placed beside the lower rings. As though you were putting together a puzzle, this should work.

Tighten them up a touch, but not totally. It’s best if they’re a little loose so you may rotate them as needed. After that, you can move on to the next stage.3: Level Rifle with Scope

You can now begin to use the levels. That will need the use of both. Begin by putting one on the rifle. Put it on the rail or in the barrel. Wherever there’s a flat space, that’s a good place to put the rifle’s level.

When it comes to the scope, make sure the level is on the elevation knob. If it isn’t flat, the turret may need to be removed.

After that, you can move on to placing both levels at the same height. We suggest rotating the scope till it is level with the rifle. You’re almost done when they’re both matchings with the same readings on the levels.

4: Tighten Scope

You should have both the scope and the rifle leveled by now. Then you can begin to tighten them. By this point, the scope has become a little hazy. So grab the hex wrenches and tighten them up while being careful not to move them. Be careful and gentle with the scope, and don’t grab it too hard.

You ought to have a completely leveled scope after properly tightening the rings. Then you may put it to the test to determine if it’s level. If it’s leveled, you shouldn’t have any trouble targeting and adjusting as necessary.


It won’t be easy to level the scope on your gun. This is, in fact, the most aggravating aspect of the entire scope installation process.

It also doesn’t have to be very difficult. You should have no trouble going any further if you follow our instructions on how to level a sight on a rifle.